Tag Line
Tag Line

Your Tag Line is THE most important first step of your Brand Identity.  It is different from your Mission Statement or Value Statement.  Your Tag line evokes the emotional promise you are giving to your customer.  The Tag line is the first step toward cohesive branding; without it, communication tend to be either segregated or ambiguos.


A picture says a thousand words and so should your logo.  Creating a logo is the icon that represents your target market and what your promise to deliver is.  It's a technical art form that requires a specific creative brain.  At Creation Studio, we are fortunate to have one on staff. 

Brand Identity Road Map
Brand Identity Road Map

We create an in depth status quo report of your current brand after discovery meeting.   This report will  identify the inconsistencies and gaps of your current brand to then providing a suggested storyboard and pallette of colour, font and images that would be better suited to your target audience. 

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