Branding, The Art and Science of


Most people get the Art of Branding in terms of graphic design and if it looks good. Creating a Brand is literally an Art that combine thorough experience in typography (font), colours, interpretation from text to image to emotion is super hard. This is the logo and the colours that people know you and identify your company as.

Good Branding is difficult and expensive – it’s all about the thought process, the creation, and freedom to express in design.

The (Neuro)Science part which is not as well-known and yet most people are aware Focus Groups. A Focus Group is a specific group of individuals that meet very specific criteria demographic.

They are asked questions and presented information where their response is then correlated with what was presented. This is how we “know” what the typical response is for that specific demographic. So you see, because Creation Studio combines the design of your website brand with exceptional Artistry with the solid research of Neuroscience, we can deliver higher conversion rates from the beginning.

Your Brand Identity, when done properly will showcase your differentiating factor before they speak to you.When building a brand in the online world thare many options: online marketing, web design and content creation. It means joining all aspects of your online presentation (from logo, content, SEO, social media and etc) in order to build a good reputation. Remember, it is all about how you stand among other companies that are running for the same customer!