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What Makes a Great Website Design Homepage?

Created On: 12 August, 2015 Created By: superadmin

Having a great website is important for helping people understand what you do and why they should care and most of the people that come to your website are probably landing on your homepage. With the homepage being the first impression you have to make sure that it is communicating the right message in the right way to your user. A great homepage not only helps to set the expectation but can be the factor that makes people decide to continue browsing your site or, if they aren’t pleased, to click away. The homepage must blend good aesthetics without sacrificing any functionality to have the most impact.

This balance is crucial to any great homepage and the design plays heavily into the initial emotional connection that people have when the homepage loads. Make sure that your homepage loads quickly and looks great on multiple platforms, using tools such as responsive website design. Once the page loads you have 2 seconds to form some sort of emotional connection through a tagline, color scheme, or prominent image. The better that you can impact people in those first few sections the more likely they are to read your copy and navigate your website. 

Once you have their attention you would like to make the browsing of your website as effortless and intuitive as possible and this all starts with the design layout of the homepage. The better that you can make all of the features and services available with less clicks and strain, the most likely people will continue to view and use your website. Help direct the people to the parts of your website that they want to go by highlighting the most relevant aspects and providing a couple of different pathways; both traditional menu bars and fully utilizing embedded links and photo links. As soon as you have an intuitive website homepage you need to get more users viewing and using your website.

Putting as much content as you can out on the web in the form of articles, links, videos, partnerships, and other media, will give you more people that are interested in viewing your website. The best website design and homepage won’t count for anything if people aren’t viewing them. Use a variety of methods and implement a good content creation and implementation strategy to maximize all of the tools available to get people using your website.

Creating a great homepage is all about crafting an easier to use interface with emotional connecting design and content. By using these concepts and then getting tons of traffic you can then test different tactics and strategies to improve and iterate your way to the perfect homepage.

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