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Websites solve problems – 4 of their main benefits for small businesses

Created On: 15 October, 2015 Created By: superadmin

Currently, the business world is more complex and competitive than ever before, which is mainly down to the fact that, thanks to e-commerce, basically anybody, anywhere in the world, can open up their own business and begin trading. Businesses big and small, every single day, are battling it out and competing against one another in order to become as successful as they possibly can, yet many of them, small businesses especially are being let down by their website, or possibly even a lack of one. Establishing an online presence is essential if you wish to make your business a success, yet many business owners still underestimate the power of a professionally designed website. Websites are not just another pretty face – they solve problems and provide numerous benefits in the process. Here’s a look at 4 of the main benefits of having a website, if you’re a relatively small business. 

You can control your search rankings – As the business world is so incredibly competitive these days, helping customers, and potential customers, actually find your business is absolutely essential, which is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into the fold. By having a website, particularly one which has been professionally designed, there will be a number of SEO techniques implemented that will help boost your website up the search engine rankings pages, thus helping to make your business more visible to the outside world. 

Email lists – Email is not a new concept, at least, not by today’s business and technology terms, but even so, building a strong email list can potentially help land you countless customers and potential customers, with very little effort. By having a website, you will then gain email addresses of each of your customers, and can therefore help build up a contact list. You can contact previous customers and inform them of sales, new products, deals, and special offers, and can hopefully entice them back so that they shop with you again. Remember, regular customers that return again and again are incredibly beneficial, and could actually be the difference between success and failure. 

Advertising – By having a website, complete with your company name, branding, and logo, you basically have yourself the ultimate piece of advertising, as you’re advertising your products and services to the outside world. Your website tells customers and potential customers, all about your business, so ensuring you have a professional and user-friendly site is absolutely essential. Get this right, and you have the ultimate piece of advertising, that will work just as well, if not better, as taking out a two page ad in your yellow pages. 

You establish your business – By having a professional website, you help to show your rivals, and indeed possible customers, that you mean business and that you are taking things very seriously and are in it for the long-haul. A website helps establish your business, it builds brand recognition, it helps increase customer confidence in your business, and it helps to really establish your company and prove to the world that you belong where you are. 


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