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Five Reasons to Get An Ipad 2

Created On: 09 July, 2011 Created By: superadmin

After much thought, research and debate I have decided on which tablet I would get. The decision was not easy but here are my top five reasons why I choose to purchase an iPad 2.

  1. I like the portability and size of this tablet. It was thin, the screen is a decent size and it just works well.
  2. I like the fact that there are so many apps available that are free and also reasonable cost for those that are not free. Lots of choice.
  3. As the project manager of a website design company, I always disliked packing the laptop, lugging it around as part of my luggage on trips, just to open it up and have it crash when showing a client their website. Now, I can conveniently showcase a website easily. We often do not develop in Flash so it is not a problem that the IPad does not view Flash applications. My strong preference would be that it does though.
  4. I can connect through wifi using my iPhone 4 as a personal hotspot. My carrier allows for free tethering with my data plan. This is just awesome as I can be anywhere there is a cell phone signal and hook my iPad up to the Web. Apparently one can use the iPhone for tethering with Android tablets as well.
  5. I went to our local Apple store (I do not have a Mac by the way) and they just had a new shipment in of six, but they were all spoken for. The sales lady said that she needed to phone all the customers to make sure they still wanted them as they were on order for a month. Turns out someone did not so I picked it up on impulse rather than taking time to compare.

The deciding factor? The ability to create a personal hotspot on my Iphone 4 and to link the Ipad 2 via wifi for free. This alone makes it worth it for me. I can't remember who told me my iPhone could only tether with an iPad but I should have done more due diligence and learned more about the other tablets, such as Asus Eee Pad Transformer, but really, I am loving my new iPad!

What's your reasons for choosing one over the other?

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