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4 reasons why your small business NEEDS a website

Created On: 09 October, 2015 Created By: superadmin

When it comes to small business ownership, one pretty common mistake that small business owners tend to make on a regular basis, is underestimating the power of a website. They feel that, due to the fact that their business is a small business, that having a website is pointless, and nothing more than a burden, a waste of time, and a waste of money. In reality however, the exact opposite is true as a website can provide countless benefits for small businesses all over the world. Remember, just because you may not use technology all that much, that doesn’t mean that your customers share the same mentality. To cut right to the chase, small business websites are their best employee, providing countless benefits and advantages. Here are 4 reasons why your small business NEEDS a website. 

It will save your business money – One of the main reasons why websites are proving so beneficial, particularly to small businesses, is the fact that they can actually save them money, which is perfect if you’re not fully established and are looking to really keep tabs on your spending. Of course you will have to pay to have your website created professionally, once you have it up and functioning, the monthly costs will be very little indeed. As far as how your website will save you money, just think of how expensive advertising campaigns can be in this day and age. Your website serves as the perfect piece of advertising, so the more you promote yourself and your business, the wider your audience will be, meaning that you’re actually saving money on advertising, and reaching more possible customers in the process. 

You can keep your customers in the loop – Return customers are incredibly valuable assets, particularly for small businesses, which is another reason why a website is so essential. If you have new products in stock, or if you’re running a sale or special offer, by having a website, you can keep your customers in the loop, so they know what is going on. We all love a bargain, so if you’re running a sale, your customers will know this via your website, and will more than likely take advantage, making you a great deal of money in the process. 

It enhances customer service – Customer service is another very valuable commodity when it comes to businesses big and small, yet the customer service is often one of the main things that tends to let businesses down. If you have a website, you can provide all of your necessary contact information clearly and concisely, with minimal fuss. Say for example, one of your products was faulty, your customer could either, email you via your website, or look up your telephone number, call you directly, and you could swiftly resolve the situation. It also makes it easier for you to communicate with customers, and answer various enquiries. 

You look more credible – Whether we like to admit it or not, first impressions count, and although we shouldn’t, a lot of people do indeed judge a book by its cover. If your small business has no website, and virtually no online presence at all, you will look outdated and unprofessional, which in turn is likely to put potential customers off. If however, you have a professionally designed website, you look professional, and your business gains credibility. Remember, in the business world – Perception is reality. 


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