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My website does not generate serious sales leads.

Imagine meeting a prospect and only talking about yourself.  What do you think the chances of closing the sale are?  Slim.  If your website is busy talking about how wonderful you and your company is, chances are you aren't closing many sales through your website. Creation Studio designs to and for your prospects.  Closing the sale is our end game.

Updating or making changes is a challenge

Personally, we do not agree in creating dependant relationships. We also believe in using the most efficient and effective tools that will deliver the results. While Word Press and Joomla are common to the public as website platforms, Creation Studio uses Drupal, an enterprise platform that has 60 000 modules already pre-tooled for super easy User experience to update any type of content. 

My website doesn't look right on Smart Phones

We understand, you are just happy having a website online. That may seem good enough but where are the sales and traffic coming from?  You may not realize that 60 Percent of Online Traffic Now comes From Mobile.  So if your website designer/developer did not ensure your company's website is responsive, re-evaluate the relationship and give Creation Studio the opportunity to show you how we advocate in your best interest.


Updating is always costly.

Even with a template, unless you have spent the time to learn the tools, it can still take quite a bit of time to update your website; time you really don't want to spend or afford. This explains why many websites are out of date in content and style.  At Creation Studio, we use Drupal, an enterprise web developing platform that has the sophistication for building highly complex websites without customized programming and a super easy content management system.  With our hands on training, you will find you can update every part of your website without ever calling us again.   


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